Why R? Webinars

Motivated by a successful turnaround of visits of Why R? 2019 keynote talks that uploaded to Why R? YouTube channel we decided to start Why R? Webinars series! We hope this will impact the growth of the R community.


Webinars are hosted each Thursday!

  • channel: youtube.com/WhyRFoundationVideos
  • date: every Thursday 8 pm UTC+2 in Summer time and 8 pm UTC+1 in Winter time
  • format: 45 minutes long talk + 10 minutes for Q&A
  • comments: ask questions on YouTube live chat


2021-12-02 Recent developments of Joint Models for longitudinal and survival data using R

2021-11-25 Analysing gene variants using Machine Learning

2021-04-29 Estimating volume from point-referenced thickness measurements

2021-04-22 Storytelling with ggplot2

2021-04-19 R in the World of Demography

2021-04-12 COVe[R]AGE-DB: Uncovering the demographic dynamics of COVID19 cases and deaths using R

2021-03-25 Social Media Analytics around Covid-19

2021-03-22 Analysing Political Speeches in R - some approaches

2021-03-18 officeverse: a set of packages to ease the production of Word and PowerPoint documents

2021-03-15 Data Optimisation network

2021-03-11 Tabular reporting with the flextable package

2021-03-04 Towards automating Time Series Forecasting Using R

2021-02-25 brms: Bayesian Regression Models using Stan

2021-02-18 Running your R script in the Cloud

2021-02-11 Interpretation of single-cell RNA-sequencing trajectories

2021-02-04 What makes a good (fantasy) football manager? - web scraping and data analysis in R

2021-01-28 Efficient computation with R

2021-01-18 R in PowerBi - an introduction

2021-01-14 Why using R for analysis of the human microbiome is a good idea

2021-01-07 Innovative open-source approaches to automating research data management: Integrating Rshiny and REDCap

2020-10-17 JuliaR: combining Julia and R utilities and workflows to solve problems

2020-10-12 R at Microsoft

2020-03-12 Clean up your data screening process with reporteR

2020-11-26 Mocking

2020-11-19 Satellite imagery analysis in R

2020-11-12 Preserving wildlife with computer vision + Scaling Shiny Dashboards on a Budget

2020-11-05 R on AWS

2020-10-29 How to start your own #rstats group: Building an inclusive and fun R community

2020-10-22 Liberate the coder and empower the non-coder

2020-10-15 platypus - image segmentation & object detection made easy with R

2020-10-08 Introduction to Twitter data analysis in R

2020-09-17 Me, Myself and my Rprofile

2020-09-10 Data Science for Social Justice

2020-09-03 Reproducible research with workflowr: a framework for organizing, versioning, and sharing your data analysis projects

2020-07-02 Taking friction out of R: helping drive data science adoption in organizations

2020-06-25 In Silico Immunology: Neural Networks for Modelling Molecular Interactions using Tensorflow via Keras in R

2020-06-11 Using R with High Performance Tools on a Windows Laptop

2020-06-04 Understanding Word Embeddings

2020-05-28 Pipelines and AutoML with mlr3

2020-05-26 Uplift modeling for marketing campaigns

2020-05-21 Scalable Automatic Machine Learning in R with H2O AutoML

2020-05-14 Humanitarian Data Analysis with R

2020-05-05 Advanced Data Preparation for Supervised Machine Learning

2020-04-30 rZYPAD: Development pipeline for R production

2020-04-23 Recent changes in R spatial and how to be ready for them

2020-04-16 Teaching Machine Learning online

2020-04-09 Introduction to ShinyMobile

2020-04-02 R/exams: A One-for-All Exams Generator