About Why R?

Why R? Foundation is an team of R enthusiasts coming from both business and academia who aim to support local R communities around the world. Major activities are focused on international events of R statistical software users, like conferences, hackathons or webinars. Joining our events is a remarkable occasion to gain knowledge about R and meet new people.

The goals

The main goals of Foundation are

  • spreading knowledge about the R statistical package.
  • supporting programs and pro-development initiatives in the fields of economics, mathematics, statistics and data science to serve educational activities,
  • supporting cooperation between the scientific and business environment.

The Foundation accomplishes its goals through:

  • organization and support of meetings and initiatives devoted to the dissemination of knowledge about statistics, economics, mathematics, data science and the R package on local, national and international level,
  • maintaining international cooperation with organizations with goals in line with the objectives of the foundation,
  • granting scholarships for outstanding students dealing with R, statistics and data science
  • supporting entrepreneurship related to the use of R, statistics and science data

People and institutions involved

The foundation is an experienced team of R passionates coming from both business and academia. Organizations and partners supporting Why R? Initiatives are listed below:

  • Members of Why R? Foundation are the co-organizers of R user meetups in five Polish cities - Gdansk, Wroclaw, Cracow, Warsaw, Poznan.
  • Partners of Why R? Foundation are active R users from Prague, Hamburg, Berlin, Dublin, Munich, Setfenberg, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Nairobi, Stockholm, Vienna, Poznan and Bauchi.
  • Sponsors of past initiatives: McKinsey & Company, PwC Poland, RStudio PBC, R Consortium, Analyx, Appsilon Data Science, Jumping Rivers, KRUK S.A, WLOG, Pearson IOKI, UBS, iDash, Sages.
  • Academic partners of past initiatives: University of Warsaw, University of Wrocław, Warsaw University of Technology.
  • Operational partners of Why R? initiatives are members of an active Polish organization called ML in PL Association that hosts annual international conference related to ML.
  • Media partners that helped with the marketing of Why R? Events: Women in Machine Learning and Data Science Poland, R-Ladies Warsaw.

Financial and Legal support

The initial goal of Why R? Foundation was to establish a legal identity capable of cooperation with companies and institutions. Why R? Foundation possesses its own bank account and a professional accountant who is experienced in accounting settlements for non-government organizations hosting conferences and community events.

Our previous achievements (four editions of the Why R? Conference, SatRday Gdańsk 2019, four hackathons, almost 30 pre-meetings and similar events) prove we were capable of successfully overseeing the operational and financial aspects of organized events.

Thanks to the variety of connections in academia and industry, Why R? Foundation managed to acquire and maintain relationships with a large number of sponsors. Our legal status allows us to be more flexible in contract arrangements with potential sponsors and academic institutions.