Awardees of Supporting grant for Women in Data Science

This Friday, during Why R? 2021 Conference, we announced awardees of Supporting grant for Women in Data Science. This was the 4th edition of the grant. In this post we present their silhouettes!


Maja Jabłońska

Maja is currently finishing her Master’s studies in Astronomy at the University of Warsaw. A big part of her research work includes processing and analyzing observational and simulated data, as well as applying machine learning to scientific problems earlier solved with statistical approaches. She is also a member of ML in PL Association and had the opportunity of leading the 2021 ML in PL Conference. One of her goals for the upcoming years is to continue organizing similar events and initiatives, as well as helping the university community to learn and use data science in astronomy.

Agnieszka Mikołajczyk

Agnieszka Mikołajczyk graduated with a Master of Engineering degree in Automatic Control. She is an author of scientific papers, holds numerous scholarships and awards, and happily contributes to creating open repositories on GitHub. She gave talks at AI Bay Gdańsk, MLGroup Gdańsk, DataTalksClub, AggregateIntellect, and others.
Moreover, Agnieszka organizes and actively contributes to the AI4Good scientific community in her free time; she is a former organizer and a team leader at the open-source project about detecting waste in natural and urban environments. Currently, she takes part in another AI4Good project as Principal ML Researcher: HearAI for sign language recognition. Daily, she conducts her research in her grant “Detecting and overcoming bias in data with explainable artificial intelligence” Preludium, awarded by Polish National Centre. She supports the industry problems by working in the R&D NLP team at Additionally, she co-organized Poleval 2021 (Task 1) and co-created the first Polish corpus for punctuation restoration from read text.

Katarzyna Sidorczuk

Katarzyna received the M.Sc. degree in biotechnology from the University of Wrocław in 2019. She is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree in biological sciences at the University of Wrocław. Her research focuses on bioinformatics, especially use of machine learning in prediction of peptide properties, protein localization and bacterial adhesins. She is the main developer of AmpGram and CancerGram R packages. She participates in the organization of Wrocław R Users Group (STWUR) meetings for R enthusiasts. These meetings include workshops for beginners and lectures given by people from the fields related to data science. Speaker at conferences, such as SatRday Gdańsk 2019, Why R? 2020, Data Science Summit 2020, EMBO Young Scientists’ Forum 2021.

2021 Sponsor

Pearson is the global experts in education. Their team in Poznań develops AI-first, outcome-driven capabilities that impact millions of people. Learn more about their work: Why R? Foundation is grateful for Pearson’s support for the 5th time.