Upcoming Why R Webinar - Data Optimisation Network

On Thursday, March 15th at 7 pm UTC | 8 pm CET, as part of the Why R? Webinar series, we have the honour to host Gaurav Pahuja. He will talk about the Data Optimisation Network.

Join us!

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  • Gaurav Pahuja
    Process-oriented Data Scientist with 9 years of experience. I am a conscientious person who works hard and pays attention to detail. Experienced in interpreting and analysing data to drive the growth of the company. I am an effective communicator with excellent interpersonal relationship and management skills. My greatest strength is strong analytical thinking, which enables me to furnish insights, analyse data, build machine learning and deep learning models to leverage business to guide their decisions. I am also experienced in coordinating with stakeholders. I create content on YouTube to help others in the data science field; I am a qualified gym instructor and personal trainer.

Data Optimisation Network

The Data Optimisation Network (DON) seeks to improve business decision-making using machine intelligence and data science techniques. It predicts customer behaviour through data-driven insights to enable the business to acquire new customers intelligently. The key problem with most of the companies is not just to acquire more customers, but it is to acquire the right customers and retain them. Companies consider the cost of customer acquisition as an important measure in evaluating how much value a customer will bring to their businesses. DON will empower teams such as Customer Value Management, Marketing, Sales, Continuous Improvement and more via interactive dashboards available in real-time. These dashboards will enable research, and the understanding of market trends and behaviours. The demonstration of the app is based on the utility sector. However, the data is anonymised for the solution but depicts the real-life problem.

This event is part of a series sponsored by Jumping Rivers. For more information, check out the JR and WhyR partnership announcement.

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