Upcoming Why R Webinar - Tabular reporting with the flextable package

On Thursday, March 11th at 7 pm UTC | 8 pm CET, as part of the Why R? Webinar series, we have the honour to host David Gohel, from the Founder of ArData author of R packages, such as officer, flextable, rvg and ggiraph. He will talk about the Tabular reporting with the flextable package.

Join us!

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  • David Gohel
    Founder of ArData, a French company providing R expertise, R training and consulting in data sciences. He is the author of R packages, most popular are officer, flextable, rvg and ggiraph. He is a data scientist and software engineer. His professional experiences led him to face many challenges related to the data of organizations, which he has always managed with solutions involving R software.

Tables, just like graphs, can be a very good way to provide synthetic and clear information. The flextable package offers a flexible and rich syntax allowing the construction and formatting of static tables from R, these tables can be integrated into HTML, Word, PDF and PowerPoint documents when using R Markdown and into Word and PowerPoint documents with package officer. In this talk, learn about the features of the package and the main principles, what are the latest advances, how the package is maintained and possible new features.

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