Emil Hvitfeldt - palette2vec - A new way to explore color paletttes

Three months ago we finished Why R? 2020 conference. One of the memorable moments of the conference were invited highlighted talks! Today we would like to remind you about the talk by Emil Hvitfeldt (from University of Southern California). The video from the recording is at the end of the post.

There are many palettes available in various R packages. Having a way to explore all of these palettes are already found within the https://github.com/EmilHvitfeldt/r-color-palettes repository and the paletteer package.

This talk shows what happens when we take one step further into explorability. Using handcrafted color features, dimensionality reduction, and interactive tools will we create and explore a color palette embedding. In this embedded space will we interactively be able to cluster palettes, find neighboring palettes, and even generate new palettes in a whole new way.