Upcoming Why R Webinar - Integrating Rshiny and REDCap

This Thursday, January 7th at 7 pm UTC, as part of the Why R? Webinar series, we will be delighted to host Christopher Maronga, Data Manager, KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme (Kenya). He will be speaking about innovative open-source approaches to automating research data management: Integrating Rshiny and REDCap! Christopher will answer all your questions at the end of the session. Join us!


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  • Christopher Maronga Christopher has a background in Mathematics and currently pursuing a master’s degree in Statistical Science at Strathmore University. Long run experience in research data management and model exploration tools. Presently, a data manager at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme and a co-organizer of #NairobiR user group. Interested in predictive modelling and Joint modelling of longitudinal & time-to-event data

Talk description

Innovative open-source approaches to automating research data management: Integrating Rshiny and REDCap

Data management for multi-center cohort studies is challenging especially for sites or centers that are geographically dispersed and have varying technical and manpower capacity. Moreover, in most setups, data management workflow is quite repetitive and in order to achieve efficiency, automation of these workflows becomes the key to getting real time data health checks and report authoring. I will present a basic framework for developing Rshiny applications and integrating them with research databases (REDCap and RDBMS)as a better alternative method for automating data management.

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