Why R Webinar - Mocking in R

Tomorrow at Why R? Webinars we will have a chance to guest Max Kronborg who will present Mocking in R. The biogram and the link to YouTube are below. Go the video and set a reminder!

Thursday November 26th. 7:00pm UTC

Mocking allows the programmer to temporarily substitute custom code for part of a given function. This can be useful in a variety of scenarios:

  • When needing stubs or fakes for unit tests
  • To replace a not yet completed function, particularly helpful in test driven development
  • When for whatever reason R is doing something you don’t want it to do, like accessing the internet, reading files from a strange location, or printing graphs incorrectly.

Max is a danish Computer Science student currently in final year at the University of Bath after completing a placement year with Mango.

He is particularly interested in ML, and is currently working on a dissertation aimed at predicting capacity levels on public transportation.