Why R 2020 Discussion Panel - Bioinformatics

Three months ago we finished Why R? 2020 conference. The highlights of the conference were Discussion Panels! Today we would like to remind you about the Bioinformatics panel. The video from the recording is at the end of the post.

Even before the establishment of Bioconductor, R has been a staple tool in bioinformatics. However, with the advent of NGS techniques, the speed and efficiency of computations become one of the most limiting factors of bioinformatics. Can R be reliably used when multi-omics studies are becoming more and more associated with big data? Michał Burdukiewicz, Leon Eyrich Jessen, Riinu Pius (Ots), Stefan Rödiger and Gordon Smyth talked about the current state and future of bioinformatics in R during this Discussion Panel.