Upcoming Why R Webinar - Preserving wildlife with computer vision AND Scaling Shiny Dashboards on a Budget

This Thursday (Nov 12th 7:00pm UTC) at Why R? Webinars we will have Jędrzej Świeżewski PhD and Damian Budelewski from Appsilon with 2 talks Preserving wildlife with computer vision AND Scaling Shiny Dashboards on a Budget. The link to the webinar, biograms and abstract are included in this post. Also we share current open positions at Appsilon!

Current Open Positions at Appsilon

  • Project Manager https://appsilon.com/careers/#project-manager
  • Community Manager https://appsilon.com/careers/#community-manager
  • Frontend Engineer https://appsilon.com/careers/#frontend-engineer
  • Infrastructure engineer https://appsilon.com/careers/#senior-infrastructure-engineer
  • R Shiny developer https://appsilon.com/careers/#r-shiny-developer



Jędrzej Świeżewski PhD

Jędrzej’s current main focus is exploring both the applications of computer vision and the boundaries of the applicability of the tools involved. His background is in theoretical physics. In his free time Jędrzej enjoys skiing and ice skating.

Damian Budelewski

Damian has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communication and works as Infrastructure Engineer at Appsilon. He is interested in Cloud services, DevOps methodology, and cybersecurity.

Descriptions of talk

Preserving wildlife with computer vision

In this talk, I will discuss how we have managed to assist wildlife conservationists in their efforts in central Africa, using computer vision. I will touch on the modelling, the real life implementation and also share a treat for R lovers.

Scaling Shiny Dashboards on a Budget

I will discuss being prepared for a high traffic load, and understanding the costs and requirements of hosting shiny apps on the cloud. All of this on the example of a shiny app deployed on Shiny Server Open Source and hosted on AWS.


The event will be sponsored by Appsilon.

Appsilon delivers the most advanced R Shiny apps, data science consulting services and support with R Shiny and Python Dash technologies.

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