Organize Why R? 2019 pre-meeting in your city

Why R? pre-meetings are R meetups that support local R communities. Their main goal is to promote Why R? 2019 Conference.

Another purpose of those meetings is to provide space for the professional networking and knowledge exchange for practitioners and students from the areas of statistical machine learning, programming, optimization and data science.

In 2019, we have already managed to co-organize 12 R meetups around Central-Eastern Europe, among others in Warsaw, Prague, Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Wroclaw. We often provide beverages and pizza, cover transportation and accomodation costs for speakers and pay for the after party. Such meetings are a great opportunity to understand the needs and areas of interest of R users around the Europe. In total we have organized 30 R + data science meetings overall.

Those meetings would not happen without the help of local R hosts who have invested a lot of time and energy in this project!

If you want to organize R meetup in your city and you are looking for the support to cover the costs of snacks or transport for the speakers, you should contact us via We would be more than happy to suggest the potential use cases for presentations, share ideas for the networking and help to find speakers in your close region.

Register for Why R?!

Why R? pre-meetings also promote Why R? 2019 Conference that will be held between 26-29 September in Warsaw. Check out prices for tickets below.

The Regular registration ends on 31st August! It’s the last chance to get tickets in the reasonable prices, before the Late registration starts.

Register here and see you on the conference!