Why R? 2019 - Agenda Released + Regular Registration Ends Aug 31st!

A month ago we closed Call for Papers for Why R? 2019 Conference. Today we are pleased to announce the conference agenda!

From over 75 submissions (from 4 continents) we have finally selected 46 presentations (divided into 12 sessions), 15 lightning talks and 9 workshops. Abstracts are already available here.

To make the event more interesting we invited 6 keynotes, renowned experts in their field, who will give plenary lectures, expanding our knowledge on cutting-edge topics. Learn more about keynotes and available workshops in this post

Why R? 2019 Conference - Keynotes and Workshops announced

About Why R? 2019

We are more than happy to announce that Why R? 2019 Conference will be organized by Why R? Foundation. The third official meeting of Polish R enthusiasts will be held in Warsaw from the 26th to the 29th of September 2019. Since English is the official language of the meeting, we would love to invite R users from other countries.

The purpose of the conference is to provide the space for professional networking and knowledge exchange for practitioners and students from the areas of statistical machine learning, programming, optimization and data science.

The form

The event consists of

  • 1 day of hackathon (60-70 attendees),
  • 1 day of workshops (150 attendees),
  • 1 evening of round tables (80 attendees),
  • 2 days of lectures (250 attendees)
  • and one evening planned for the Welcome paRty/Reception (100 attendees).

In 2019 we are expecting 350 unique attendees who will participate in our conference which is planned for 4 days - 26-29.09.2019.


The Why R? events are mainly aimed at experienced data science practitioners. However, it should be stressed that each conference gathers a significant percentage of students (~30%). Our participants come from very diverse backgrounds, with a clear advantage of mathematics (especially statistics) and computer science. All of them have occupations related to data science, including professional R developers (programmers), data engineers, machine learning practitioners and business analysts. One of the main advantages of Why R? is its ability to attract participants both from academia and industry.


The Regular registration ends on 31st August! It’s the last chance to get tickets before they become more expensive during the late registration.

Register here