Upcoming Why R Webinar - Running your R script in the Cloud

On Thursday, February 18th at 7 pm UTC | 8 pm CET, as part of the Why R? Webinar series, we have the honour to host Roel Hogervorst, data scientist at Ordina. Roel will talk all about how to run your R script in the Cloud. Aiming to inspire all lone data scientists who are also IT consultants, and data engineers all-in-one.

Is that you? A perfect reason to join us then!


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  • Roel Hogervorst
    He is a maker who loves to build useful (Machine Learning) tools for people, and sharing what he learns. Roel has been working as a researcher, data scientist and machine learning engineer for the past years. His aim is to make it easy, convenient and simple for everyone to run their R work in the Cloud.
    In life-away-from-the-screen, Roel also loves like dogs and him and his girlfriend are getting one soon!

Running your Rscript in the Cloud

Life as member of a data team is awesome but as a lone data scientist in a small company one might have to be a data engineer, IT consultant and data scientist all-in-one. How does one get R scripts to run?
In this talk, Roel hopes to inspire lone data scientists on all the ways they can run R scripts using Cloud providers. He will cover from simple to more advanced use-cases for running R in the Cloud. Finally, Roal will also discuss how to cooperate with IT departments for the most efficient results.

This event is part of a series sponsored by Jumping Rivers. For more information, check out the JR and WhyR partnership announcement.


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