Why R? Webinars

Motivated by a successful turnaround of visits of Why R? 2019 keynote talks that uploaded to Why R? YouTube channel we decided to start Why R? Webinars series! We hope this will impact the growth of the R community.


  • channel: youtube.com/c/WhyRFoundation
  • date: every Thursday 8:00 pm GMT+2 (starting April 2nd!)
  • format: one 45 minutes long talk streamed on YouTube + 10 minutes for Q&A
  • comments: ability to ask questions on YouTube as message on live chat

First talk

We are excited to present our first webinar speaker: Achim Zeileis from Universität Innsbruck. The topic of the webinar is R/exams: A One-for-All Exams Generator - Online Tests, Live Quizzes, and Written Exams with R which is a very good suite for teachers facing the need of the remote R teaching!

Speaker’s biogram and the abstract of the talk is available on a meetup event and on the webinar url that is also visible from youtube.com/c/WhyRFoundation YouTube channel.

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